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Arogya Team 团队


Wei Bertram, Founding Director, Tea Connoisseur 养生专家

Ever since she can remember, Wei Bertram has been fascinated with her culture’s traditional Chinese arts and medical heritage as it has continued to advance in the modern world. A native of Shanghai, China, Wei spent her early life studying Chinese medical philosophy until the winds of destiny carried her overseas, where she met with the profound healing energy of Qigong Master Dr. Wang in New York. In 1997, her vision materialized and eventually evolved into a unique oasis devoted to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Herbs, and Fine Teas, named Arogya Holistic Healing, where she remains the founding director, yoga trainer, tea master, herbal perfumer and holistic consultant.

Wei routinely travels to Asia where she offers yoga classes and lectures on holistic health and meditation. Each year for the Spring Harvest, she returns to meet with our farmers and producers while also tasting some of the finest teas in the world! Wei has been featured in various media presentations such as the Martha Stewart show, Connecticut News 12, Utne Reader, Connecticut Magazine, Westport Magazine, Fairfield Magazine, several Fairfield County newspapers, Cupboard Magazine, Chinese "Pu-erh" Tea Magazine, and CCTV. 



Gregor Bertram, M.S., Dipl. Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist 针灸治疗师 食疗专家

Gregor was awarded the Diploma of Acupuncture from the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine after he graduated with honors and received a Clinical Masters of Science degree from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture, one of the oldest accredited schools of East Asian medicine in the United States. His training includes advanced clinical instruction in some of the most innovative and therapeutic acupuncture modalities, including Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Trigger-Point, Balance Method, and Master Tung-style acupuncture. He routinely travels throughout the country to deepen his study and skill with some of the most esteemed teachers and doctors of classical and modern East Asian medicine. Some of his greatest influences and personal mentors have included Dr. Wang Shuren, Dr. Wei Chieh-Young, Kiiko Matsumoto, Emilie Connor, Dr. Mark Seem, Dr. Richard Tan, Dr. Robert Chu, Susan Johnson, and Dr. Whitfield Reaves.

In 2010, Gregor became the first Licensed Acupuncturist of Norwalk Hospital's Integrative Medical program, and developed a thriving practice where both the community and private acupuncture models were interwoven amidst a modern hospital setting. In 2011, Gregor also became the first Licensed Acupuncturist at the Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center in Fairfield, an exemplary holistic medical facility offering an array of integrative and modern modalities for those with breast cancer. Here, he designed a successful community acupuncture model to offer affordable individualized treatment within a group setting. It continues to serve many men, women, and children of Fairfield County and beyond, addressing a wide array of health issues.

Having created a unique niche in the field of acupuncture, Gregor has brought to Arogya a practice dedicated to fostering each patient’s wellbeing in an environment of comfort and trust. Structural, hormonal, neurological, autoimmune, and psychological issues are treated with detailed care, while pain and discomfort are usually granted immediate relief. In addition to his skills in acupuncture, further bodywork modalities such as cupping, moxibustion, guasha, and tuina are interwoven in the customized care of each patient. Gregor is further certified as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and has studied world dietary traditions ranging from Classical Chinese Food Energetics and Macrobiotics to Raw Foods and Ayurveda. He has also been trained in Zero Balancing, Quantum-Touch, Reiki and Jinshindo, and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California at Santa Cruz.



Suzy Chi, Licensed Massage Therapist 指压推拿理疗师

Suzy has extensively studied the Chinese healing arts with our beloved Dr. Wang Shuren. At Arogya, she incorporates a unique modality into her work, infusing a synergy of shiatsu, Chinese tuina, and reflexology, in order to effectively root out the deepest blockages and provide transformative healing relief. Her treatments are customized to the needs and comfort-level of the client, and may include various rubbing, pushing, and pulling techniques, as well as stretching and therapeutic "back-walking" or deep penetrating pressure from Suzy's feet. 


 Jennifer Bell-Finnegan, Licensed Massage Therapist 按摩理疗师

Jennifer has been a professional massage therapist for over 20 years. After having graduated in 1996 from the Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she returned to the East Coast to spread her gift of healing touch and kinesthetic wisdom. She currently teaches at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, where she has been a faculty member for over 7 years. Her unique style includes many eclectic techniques generated from the various healing massage traditions of the world, including a special energy modality, which she refers to as “intuitive massage”. Sensing the individual needs of each body, Jennifer is able to attend to each person in an exceptional and customized manner.
Jennifer Bell-Finnegan

 Alyssa Crouse, Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher 按摩理疗师

Alyssa is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher. She brings an authentic, creative voice and loving presence to her work. She is passionate about guiding others to a deeper mind-body connection that releases stress, nourishes the spirit, and leads to a more empowered and integrated life.

In a healing session with Alyssa, you can expect a deeply therapeutic, restorative, and meditative experience that is customized to your personal needs and preferences. She offers Swedish and deep tissue massage, Reiki energy healing, and private yoga. She is also certified in prenatal massage and yoga, practices to help women feel comfortable throughout the journey of pregnancy and postpartum recovery.
Alyssa Crouse, Arogya Holistic Healing Center


Lauren Lanham, Yoga Specialist 瑜伽泰式老师

Lauren is a passionate yoga teacher dedicated to sharing this transformational practice. She strives to create safe spaces where everyone can explore what yoga means to them. Lauren thinks it’s fun to talk about anatomy, postural alignment and technique. She believes that yoga helps us to know our own story and be present as life unfolds. Lauren has been practicing for over 20 years and holds teacher certifications in Yoga, Meditation and Reiki.


Sophie Slater, Yoga Specialist and Wellness Writer 瑜伽养生编辑 

Sophie was introduced to yoga 14 years ago and was immediately drawn to the practice’s ability to cultivate greater physical and mental resilience.  A few years later, her love of yoga, photography, and adventure led her to India, where she has since studied yoga and volunteered extensively. She completed her 200-hour and advanced teacher training courses at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram in Maharasthra, India and has also studied Anusara, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and restorative yoga extensively. Sophie loves teaching students of all levels and has done so in Connecticut, New York City, Kazakhstan, Italy, and at the Deenabandhu Trust Children’s Home orphanage in Karnataka, India for the past 7 years.  Her alignment focused sessions offer a safe processing ground for yoga practitioners to explore and evolve their body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Sophie is a certified professional life coach.  She's shared her knowledge of yoga and mindfulness/wellness practices as a contributing editor and blogger for Whole Living Magazine and as the host of the former SiriusXM Martha Stewart Living radio show Life Coaching with Sophie.  Her passion is to help others find greater life-balance, joy, and confidence with who they are and all they have to share with the world.



Dr. Wang Shuren, Senior Consultant 六代中医传人

Dr. Wang Shu Ren is a widely renowned educator and well-respected sixth-generation doctor of Chinese Medicine. He comes from a long-standing traditional family where his introduction to the wonderful art, philosophy, and practice of Chinese Medicine was presented at the age of five.In China, Dr. Wang was Vice Chairman of the Association of Chinese Acupuncture, Chairman of the Chi-Gong Department and Professor at Chang Chun Chinese Medical University, and remains a Consultant to the Chinese Medical Hospital of Jilin Province.Overwhelmed by the success of his treatments at Arogya and by the growing interest in classical and traditional Chinese medicine in the US, he has chosen to help more people without the restraints of physical boundaries, remaining a regular visitor to Arogya, and an online Chinese medical consultant from his original homeland in China.

Dr Wang . Arogya . Traditional Chinese Medicine . Westport