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Arogya is a preeminent supplier of loose leaf artisan tea and healing services since 1999. In addition to our retail space serving tea, our downtown Westport Connecticut location features a high-end holistic healing center specializing in acupuncture, massage, and yoga. Arogya means “Whole Health” in Sanskrit - our name embodies our philosophy.

The complex and delicious flavor of our teas comes from the excellent quality of our leaves and ingredients, and the traditional ways in which they are produced. When we drink tea grown from clean soil, that hasn’t been contaminated by chemicals, produced by happy workers who take pride in their product, you can taste the difference in each sip. Our blends are produced in small batches with fresh dried ingredients to ensure their best flavor and healing benefits. 
Arogya Teas are: High Quality, Small Batch, and Direct Source.  They are also free from artificial flavors and preservatives

Arogya Teas are adaptable for a variety of businesses environments including service, hospitality, retail, and corporate.
This globally attractive drink is suitable for:

                         Restaurants / Cafés
                         Yoga Studios
                         Gift Stores
                       Corporate Meetings
                          Personal Chefs
                          Board / Employee Appreciation
                          Holiday Gifts

Arogya tea, teaware, and essential oils are available for wholesale pricing. Every wholesale account is unique, designed to fit your needs and customized for your business.

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Tea Program Development

Our team will work with your company to develop a tea menu perfect for your needs, whether it's for a restaurant, cafe, spa, wellness center, yoga studio, or in a business setting for clients, employees, company meetings, and more.

Wide selection

Arogya offers over 100 varieties of organic, sustainably produced, and freshly blended teas including black, oolong, green, white, pu'er, herbal, and healing blends. We are sure you will find a unique collection of teas for your needs, and we are here to help you make the best selection.

Staff Training

We work with your staff to train them in proper brewing techniques, pairing recommendations, and how to creatively use fine teas in hot beverages, iced teas, cocktails and more.


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Custom Blends

We are celebrated for our specialty tea blends, which are masterfully created with fine teas, and organic and medicinally potent herbs. We offer custom blends to perfectly suit your menu and deliver an unforgettable tea experience to your clients.

Direct Sourcing

We work directly with small tea producers to import the finest, freshest and most organic teas. Arogya’s founding Director and Tea Expert, Wei Huang, has visited and inspected these tea farms first-hand to ensure the quality and purity of the farming practices and production techniques. 

Personalized Service 

We custom design wholesale accounts for each company, meeting the needs of small restaurants to large corporations. Get in touch with our office to learn more about our flexible wholesale program, and how we can work together to bring Arogya's fine tea to your business.


Ready to start a wholesale account? Email info@arogya.net or call (203) 226-2682 to begin the process.


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