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Yoga 瑜伽

Private Yoga Classes at Arogya Holistic Healing

Yoga and meditation are integral to our mission at Arogya, and we are committed to teaching and coaching anyone - from interested beginners to experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice. An individual program is designed to help you achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

We offer uniquely tailored one-on-one private classes with educated and compassionate yoga instructors. Focusing on correct alignment and breathing, classes are therapeutic, rehabilitative, and meditative, allowing you to access the deeper layers that calm the mind, open the body, and uplift the spirit.

"Yoga" originally comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj", meaning "union." Though it is often interpreted from the outside as merely an array of stretches and poses, this discipline can have incredible life-changing effects on the health of your mind and body. The union of breath, body and mind creates physical strength and flexibility, fosters creative thought and insight, and calms the nervous system while cleansing the body's organs.

60 min sessions are $150 for one person, $165 for two.