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Traditional Chinese Medicine 传统中医


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medical art practiced for over 5000 years. At its core is the goal is to maintain the balance of "Qi” (energy) in the body. TCM can be used in treating a variety of ailments, and to restore abundant health and vitality.

Arogya offers a comprehensive program of holistic and integrative therapies rooted in the Chinese Tradition, including Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Acupressure, Qigong, and Tui Na bodywork. We also specialize in custom blended herbs and tea with an assortment of traditional Chinese remedies to reduce and manage pain, relieve stress, improve energy, and enhance immunity.

Our well trained and licensed practitioners provide care to meet your individual needs. We invite you to explore a course of treatment that appeals to your unique needs and goals.

Arogya offers an integrative approach to wellness, intended to complement other lifestyle changes and healing modalities you many be pursuing. Just as we are complex, multi-faceted beings, please consider your treatments at Arogya to be one of your many personal practices to cultivate a whole, complete, and fulfilling life.

with Gregor Bertram, MS, L.Ac.

Initial Session $180,
Follow Up Session $150

Wellness Consultation & QiGong Therapy
$200 per hour

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Successfully utilized throughout centuries for health maintenance and preventative care, acupuncture has proven to reduce stress, relieve pain, enhance immunity, and restore the natural flow of the body's own energy. Structural, hormonal, neurological, autoimmune, psychological issues, pain, and discomfort are treated with detailed care. Learn more.


We specialize in custom herbal formulas and tea with an assortment of traditional Chinese remedies to reduce and manage pain, relieve stress, improve energy, and enhance immunity.

We source the highest quality Chinese herbs and remedies with guaranteed pure medicinal ingredients.


Cupping is a deep-tissue healing method. Cups are placed in strategic locations, often on specific acupuncture points, or directly on or around the site of pain. Cupping can relieve muscle spasm and tension, as well as promote Qi and blood circulation and healing. This powerful tool has many applications. Learn more on the blog.

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Moxibustion helps to move stagnant energy and is an excellent remedy for people who have aches and pains caused by injury and arthritis. Moxa helps to increase circulation and lymphatic flow. Therefore, it can be naturally detoxifying and an effective treatment for pain relief. Learn more on the blog.




Tuina & Acupressure

According to Chinese Medicine, there are energy channels throughout the body called meridians. Pressure is applied to along these specific pathways, thereby increasing functionality and circulation of the entire body. When these energies are in balance, and blood circulation flows smoothly, health is restored. Tuina and Acupressure massage are helpful for relieving pain, stress, tension, and improving circulation of blood and Qi.



Wellness Consultation
& QiGong Therapy

We use Five-Element Theory to determine the strategy for balancing one’s Qi, working to bring Yin and Yang into equilibrium. We can help to navigate the cause of ailments and imbalances using classical Chinese diagnostic methods including observing the pulse and tongue, and palpating the organs. We work to restore health and balance to the body using modalities such as acupressure, qigong, reflexology, aromatherapy, herbal supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.