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Skin Care 皮肤保养


At Arogya, we believe that what you put on the outside of your body affects the inside. We use only the cleanest products available, including all-natural and organic skincare products, handmade in small batches. Our luxurious facials are non-invasive and custom designed to meet your needs.

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Arogya Signature Anti-Aging Facial
Designed to tantalize the senses and pamper the skin while enhancing your natural elegance, our facials are customized to meet your individual needs. Our therapists do not perform aggressive extractions and use no tools other than their powerful healing hands, organic skincare products, and hot/cold towels. Non-invasive techniques are incorporated to invigorate the face, remove accumulated toxins, reverse premature aging, and heal the skin. This treatment is accompanied by soothing deep massage of the head, hands, and feet. Unwind, let go, transcend...and experience beautiful, younger looking skin with a clean radiance.

60 min $150

Arogya Detox Facial
A rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy for all skin types. The word detox is most often associated with strict diets for the liver and colon, yet the body's largest organ (the skin) is largely neglected in the detoxification process. Our therapists thoroughly cleanse and pamper the face using a select array of specialty organic skincare products designed to actively detoxify the skin. This organic treatment contains fruit, vegetable and herbal skin care products with natural ingredients to regulate and calm skin while returning a beautiful glow.

60 min $150

Arogya Massage & Facial Combo
An integrated treatment that addresses the entire body. Begin with a tension-melting massage, incorporating Swedish techniques, reflexology, steamed towels, and moisturizing essential oil based body cream. The second half of your treatment will include a customized facial with nourishing products that restore your natural beauty. Incorporated into the treatment is an anti-aging facial massage that stimulates circulation, rejuvenating the skin and contributing to a youthful glow.

90 min $225

Our Skincare Philosophy
We take great care to offer only the most natural products. We consciously create our own facial serums, massage creams, salves, ointments and more in small batches, using natural plant oils, extracts, and butters, and scented only with 100% pure essential oils. All products are completely free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other harsh chemicals typically found in cosmetic products, and are perfect for those with sensitive skin.