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SALE Matcha (Culinary Grade)


Product Description

Made famous by Japanese Zen monks, Matcha has been used for centuries to create a sense of calm and focused alertness in both meditation and mindful living. Its harvest and production has been refined to a skillful art while its method of tranquil enjoyment has culminated in the sacred Japanese tea ceremony. This particular Matcha is produced from the earliest Spring-harvested tealeaves, which have been deliberately shaded to increase the sweetness as well as the chlorophyll and amino acid levels before being carefully stone-ground and packaged. 

Ingredients: Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea powder

This Matcha is appropriate for use in smoothies, baking, and cooking. Check out our Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea for a delicious sipping tea.


It is customary for Matcha to be first measured with a bamboo spoon and then placed in a bowl with water heated to approximately 175 degrees. It is then whipped with a bamboo whisk until it forms a thick "froth". Thereafter, the mighty brew is sipped directly from the bowl.

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