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From The Director 创办人

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with my traditional Chinese Heritage. The deep philosophic wisdom of the great sages, the sweet scent of freshly brewed green tea, the mouth-watering array of curative culinary delights, and the mystique of Chinese medicine, with its powerful therapeutic herbs and connection with natura's profound energy, have all left deep and lasting impressions upon me. With founding of Arogya in 2000, it has been my intention to bring the great healing traditions of the east into our contemporary modern lifestyles, which are in such desperate need for true balance and wellbeing.


Arogya, meaning "whole health" in Sanskrit, successfully continues to provide a source for integrative Chinese medicine, Yoga, and Massage Therapy, while offering a comprehensive collection of organic teas, all natural skincare products and personalized herbal remedies. Over the past 14 years, Arogya Holistic Healing has forged a reputation for excellent wellness services and products in Connecticut.

Our goal is to offer all our clients and community the highest quality access to integrative medicine and education about holistic wellness. We treat clients of every age and every member of the family! Through our work, Arogya seeks to broaden understanding with expert knowledge and service from our practitioners and tea company.

I am pleased to present the updated website for the Arogya Holistic Healing Center and the Arogya Tea Company in Westport CT.
Enjoy your journey to health!

With gratitude,

Wei Bertram
Director, Arogya