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Arogya, meaning "whole health" in Sanskrit, successfully continues to provide a source for integrative Chinese medicine, Yoga, and Massage Therapy, while offering a comprehensive collection of organic teas, all natural skincare products and personalized herbal remedies at the
Arogya Holistic Healing Center. Over the past 17 years, Arogya Holistic Healing has forged a reputation for excellent wellness services and products in Connecticut.

Our tea company, Arogya Tea, carries the largest selection of authentic and quality teas in Fairfield County. Only the highest-grade teas and tisanes are hand-selected as well as artisan craft teas and wild-harvested rare varietals. We exclusively provide teas in their loose leaf form to ensure a delicious, natural, and truly healthful brew.

We are dedicated to bringing natural products and traditional healing for those who seek balance and wellbeing as part of a modern lifestyle. Thank you for visiting Arogya today --please enjoy our new and expanding arogya.net website. 

To your health!
Wei, Gregor, and Rose Bertram 








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